Remission Nutrition - Metabolic Health and Oncology Nutrition

Remission Nutrition - Metabolic Health and Oncology Nutrition

Metabolic Oncology: A Beacon of Hope

Remission Nutrition specializes in providing nutritional coaching that targets the unique metabolic needs of cancer clients. By optimizing metabolic health, they aim to improve the efficacy of cancer treatments and enhance the quality of life for clients. This approach is grounded in the understanding that cancer cells thrive on certain metabolic conditions, and by altering these conditions through diet and nutrition, it is possible to inhibit cancer growth and progression.

This innovative organization not only supports individuals during their cancer journey, but also offers preventative metabolic nutritional services to enhance overall health. Their comprehensive approach addresses the root causes of many modern diseases, emphasizing the importance of regulated metabolism for optimal health.

As oncology nutrition consultants, Remission Nutrition works with clients one-on-one every day on the terrains of the body (balancing blood sugar, optimizing detoxification, maximizing the immune system, etc.) using the metabolic approach. They focus on creating an environment that is inhospitable to cancer and excess growth in the body using science and research backed methods. 

Their approach is bio-individualized so every person they work with is different based on labs, individual dietary requirements, genetics, medications, treatments, symptoms, and so on. 


Meet Jen Nolan: The Visionary Behind Remission Nutrition

Jen Nolan, the owner of Remission Nutrition, is a certified nutrition specialist with a profound commitment to transforming lives through the power of metabolic health and nutrition. Her journey into the world of nutritional science was driven by a personal quest to understand the intricate connections between diet, metabolism, and disease. Jen’s expertise is not only rooted in her academic achievements but also in her practical experience working with individuals facing complex health challenges, particularly in the realm of oncology. With a holistic approach, Jen Nolan has dedicated her career to developing personalized nutritional strategies that support both cancer treatment and overall metabolic health. Her innovative work at Remission Nutrition reflects her belief in the healing power of food and lifestyle changes, making her a true pioneer in the field of metabolic health.


The Importance of Metabolic Health

Recent research has increasingly highlighted that many modern diseases are rooted in dysregulated metabolism and poor metabolic health. Conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even certain types of cancer have strong links to metabolic dysfunction. Remission Nutrition recognizes this and has embedded itself in the new realm of metabolic health-focused care.


Preventative Metabolic Nutritional Services

Beyond oncology, Remission Nutrition offers preventative metabolic nutritional services designed for everyone. Their goal is to help individuals achieve and maintain optimal metabolic health, thereby reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases. These services include personalized nutritional counseling, dietary planning, and lifestyle interventions aimed at enhancing metabolic function.


Meet Sara Stratton: A Champion for Metabolic Health

One of the shining stars at Remission Nutrition is Sara Stratton, an Oncology Nutrition Consultant and breast cancer thriver. Sara embodies the holistic approach that Remission Nutrition advocates. Recently, she completed a certificate in fitness specific to cancer, underscoring the critical role of exercise in cancer care. Sara’s dedication to integrating exercise with nutrition exemplifies the adage that “food is medicine,” and highlights how physical activity is also a powerful tool in the fight against cancer.


New Service: Exercise for Cancer

Remission Nutrition is excited to announce a new service: a 60-minute Exercise for Cancer session led by Sara Stratton. This session is designed to help clients incorporate tailored fitness routines into their treatment plans, enhancing their overall health and potentially improving treatment outcomes. 

The folks at Remission Nutrition have generously offered a 10% discount for new clients of Sara Stratton!

Use code KBSS-10 to save 10% when you decide to book with Sara. This discount is valid for either a 60 minute exercise for cancer session or initial consult with Sara.


The Remission Nutrition Difference

What sets Remission Nutrition apart is their commitment to evidence-based practices and personalized care. Their team of experts stays abreast of the latest research in metabolic health and oncology nutrition, ensuring that clients receive the most current and effective advice. They understand that each individual’s metabolic profile is unique, and they tailor their recommendations to meet these specific needs.


Why Choose Remission Nutrition?

  1. Personalized Care: Remission Nutrition provides personalized nutritional counseling based on a detailed assessment of each client’s metabolic needs.
  2. Scientific Backing: Their approach is grounded in scientific research, ensuring that clients benefit from interventions that are both safe and effective.
  3. Comprehensive Services: From metabolic oncology to preventative health services, Remission Nutrition offers a holistic approach that goes beyond the scope of typical dietary supplements.
  4. Expertise and Experience: With experts like Sara Stratton on their team, clients are assured of receiving guidance from professionals who are leaders in their field.

Take the Next Step in Your Health Journey!

If you’re looking for guidance on your health journey, we highly recommend Remission Nutrition.

Visit Remission Nutrition to learn more about their services and start your journey towards better metabolic health today.


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