Keto Brainz Podcasts & Interviews - We're still not super great at these, but we've been fortunate enough have a good handful of friends and fanatics bring us on for chat about all things keto, nootropics, starting a business and tons more.

  • Persistence Culture Podcast

    Persistence Culture is a lifestyle brand changing lives around the world. They are a community of humans striving daily to do better in all things. With the mindset to overcome challenges, they believe that through persistent movement in anything you do from fitness to business, wealth to health all goals and accomplishments require a Culture of Persistence. Persist with us. Become part of the Familia. Rep the Culture, Live the Lifestyle. #KEEPMOVING

  • Keto Savage Podcast

    "Mollee and Kiel join me today to talk about their nootropic coffee creamer! We talk about the motivation behind their product, and the lessons that their business has taught them. We talk about what it's like to work with your siblings, and how your product should be a reflection of who you are. Enjoy!"

  • Justin & The Food Entrepreneurs Podcast

    "We believe in living YOUR best life and we understand that that looks different for everyone.

    We understand that living your best life is difficult, but also THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing a human can aim for.

    Our products aim to be staples in the lives of people who are ever looking to improve their lives and optimize their minds."

    Hosted By: Deborah Michas (IG: @deborahmichas) & Justin Ryan Bizzarro (IG: @justinbizzarro).

  • Justin & The Food Entrepreneurs Podcast

    "Who we are not: We are not scientists, we are not doctors, we are not researchers, we are not experts..

    We are though rather expert at gathering and filtering data and resources on topics we find meaningful.

    And, if you’ve ever met us, you know we can’t keep our damn mouths shut when we’re excited about something we’ve learned."

  • Forged From Fat Podcast

    "What a fun episode this was!  We talked Nootropics, keto and biohacking with Mollee and Kiel, the BRAINZ behind Keto Brainz Nootropic Coffee Creamer!

    Nootropics are a popular topic these days and we wanted to learn more about them so these two filled the gaps for us! Not only are we coffee lovers, but we are seriously into the brain health as well!"


    You can find us on IG @forgedfromfat, Jon @theketocolombian and Kieran @kieran.carobine.  If you loved the episode, please leave some stars and comments as it helps us grow! We appreciate all of you!

  • Keto Revolution Podcast

    We are back! Kicking off this new season with a literal mind changing episode... because we all know we need it. Mollee and Kiel from KETOBRAINZ join us to talk about the benefits of their nootropic product. You've seen a few out there but I can guarantee there is no better and more mindful owners than this brother-sister duo.


    Listen for an in-depth look into why they started and how they selected their all natural ingredients to make a product that enhances brain functionality and focus. Enjoy!"


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