Kiel's Brainz

Kiel's Brainz

You may have already noticed, but the sis and me are interested in alllll kinds of things. And because you're now "our people" (you don't really have a choice in the matter), we wanted to start sharing our interests, fascinations and passions that are not so Keto or Nootropic focused. And in actuality, Keto Brainz Nootropics was essentially born of our desires to be able to spend more time, focus and energy and alllll the things that make us excited to be alive - win win! Below you will find some of the things that are constantly cycling through my brain and consciousness. Some are more complete, some are in progress, and some will be completely novel. No matter the case, if you're interested, I'd love talk about all of them!


People, places and things.

Take a look at some of my nature, landscape travel photography.

See photography

Crypto, NFTs & The Metaverse

So much happening in this space!

A little site I built with the brand-new beginner to crypto. The links and info I've included there are meant to offer interested parties opportunities for the safest and easiest ways to learn about Bitcoin and crypto - as well as to buy.

Crypto, NFTs, DeFI & More

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