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Keto Brainz

Keto Brainz & Braunz Bundle!

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Bundle and save with our Keto Brainz & Braunz bundle!

Introducing Mattole Valley Naturals Grass-fed Whey! 

We love this Grass-Fed plain whey for how pristine it is! This is the best "basic", no BS whey protein we've found.

We're stoked to now be able to offer it to you!

Mattole Valley Naturals whey protein is handcrafted from cow’s milk that allows for the most premium clean source of non-GMO grass-fed whey protein available on the market.

Their cows graze year-round on pesticide-free pastures in the temperate climate of South Australia. They are never treated with growth hormones  or antibiotics.

Their whey protein is processed in a gentle minimally invasive—low temperature-process and micro filtered to retain many of the fragile nutrients present in raw milk. This creates an easily digestible whey protein that is loaded with the ideal blend of easily absorbed amino acids.

Finally, they use green papaya powder for enhanced nutritional value and digestibility.

The end result is deliciously pure light and fluffy product void of any gums or thickening agents—so clean you can taste and feel the difference!




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