Muay-Thai: The Advantages of Keto and Challenges for Women

Muay-Thai: The Advantages of Keto and Challenges for Women

Advantages of Keto & Challenges for Women

This was a fantastic listen. I know, I say that about all of the HVMN interviews. This though I found to be an especially fantastic listen.

From HVMN: "With over 250 documented fights in her professional career in Thailand, Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu (105lbs) is truly a fighting machine. How can one fight at such an intense volume? Along with discipline made of steel, Sylvie also follows the ketogenic diet to help further her performance both in the ring and aid in her recovery between fights."

Now, I am not a trained athlete or scientist. I am though someone who is committed to learning and who has a deep curiosity about anything and everything that has to do with better understanding what it is to be "human". This may grate on the senses of some, but I believe humans to be wonderfully improbable sentient beings made of very fragile stuffs. We are ridiculous. We are amazing. I live in a mind space where I feel both of these sentiments wholly and simultaneously. SO! All of the learnings are on the table for me.

As a formally obese child, lover of ketosis, someone who weight trains, someone who has trained for endurance running in mountains (marathons, no Zach Bitter awesomeness here) and someone who was told by the first CrossFit gym she checked out that she needed to "quit keto now!", I love learning from professional athletes who do real training and successfully use the metabolic state of ketosis to increase both their performance and recovery.

The HVMV podcast puts both the science and the athletes implementing the science out there for all of us autodidact self optimizers to learn from.


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