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We're so happy you've found us! We're big fans of Chris Williamson and what he's building with the Modern Wisdom Podcast.

Living a self-examined life with the goal of ever-evolving our understanding of ourselves, our environment and our fellow humans is, in our humble opinion, the best way to go about being human. Chris seems to embody this with the Modern Wisdom podcast. He's humble, genuinely curious, and fearless about deep diving into the most intresting of topics.

We could not be more excited that Chris is a fan of Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer and it's an absolute honor to be a sponsor of his podcast!

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The Modern Wisdom Podcast

If you've yet to discover the Modern Wisdom podcast, do yourself a favor and add it to your podcast playlist. Episode #577 featuring David Goggins is one of our recent favorites!

David Goggins is a retired United States Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, triathlete, public speaker and an author.

Expect to learn what most people get wrong about motivation, Goggins' thoughts on claims that SEAL selection is too hard and what the most painful experience of his life was.

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