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Keto Brainz Nootropics

Keto Brainz Carnivore Bundle!

Keto Brainz Carnivore Bundle!

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This might just be our most nutrient dense bundle yet! This is THE stack to beat all stacks for our Carnivore friends!

2 PLUCK PURE Organic Organ Meat Blend

2 Bell's Brownie Batter Keto Bricks

1 Bag Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer 

Bell's Brownie Batter Keto Bricks were made as a collab with Mark Bell and his wildly popular Steak Shake protein, this Brick is unlike any other they've made in the past. The Brick is made using a full spectrum, animal-based protein blend which includes whey protein concentrate, beef protein isolate, egg white protein, and beef collagen! Moreover, it also includes a beef organ blend containing kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, and spleen!

Not a fan of the taste of organs??? Not to worry, this Brick tastes just like brownie batter and is absolutely delicious!

PLUCK 100% Grass Fed Organ Meat Blend is a proprietary blend of 100% freeze-dried, beef liver, spleen, kidney, heart and pancreas that can be added to anything with flavor, including smoothies, dressings, sauces, and ground meats. Simply add a pinch, blend, and relax knowing you’re giving your body the fuel it needs for your next adventure. Oh, and in case you're wondering, Pure is pet-friendly too!

Nourish your brain and your body with this epic cognition enhancing, micro-nutrient dense bundle!

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