Keto And Ketosis Simplified

Keto And Ketosis Simplified

Keto And Ketosis Simplified

What the heck is “Keto”?

When you hear that someone is “keto” what are they saying?

  • The human body can run on Glucose or Ketones.
  • Glucose is consumed directly from sugary foods and beverages or readily made by our bodies from carbohydrate rich foods.
  • Ketones are a fuel source all human bodies are capable of running on.
  • Ketones are made for us by our livers from fat stored on our own bodies or from fat we have consumed.
  • Ketones are ONLY made for us by our livers during times of fasting, starvation, or when we CHOOSE to deprive our bodies of virtually ALL carbohydrates.
  • When a person has “gone Keto” they have switched the primary fuel source of their body from GLUCOSE to FAT.
  • Our bodies cannot technically just use fat for fuel. Our livers MUST convert the fat to ketone bodies. It is the ketone bodies that we can use as fuel in place of carbohydrates.
  • Glucose is the fuel that MOST people run on. Glucose as fuel for your body comes from virtually everything the modern human puts in its mouth, EXCEPTING FAT.

YouTube Makes Learning Quicker

We’re still working on finding, organizing and sharing info in the most digestible way possible, but in the meantime, the sister found a great YouTube playlist centered on Ketosis for beginners.

I cannot think of another phenomenon that has such a wide array of people choosing a major life change for so many different reasons. Each of us has a different entry point into the ketonic life, but we’re all aiming to improve out states of health and wellness. Keto on my friends!

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