Nutritionist, self-hacker & nutraceutical geek with close to 20 years of experience in the supplement industry. COMT AA. Dogs are my favorite people.

I grew up in the woods in a house with 52 stairs, a German Shepherd named Big Dog and hippies for parents. We actually did have a mile walk up a dirt road to the bus stop.

I’ve learned over a life thus far lived that I do not enjoy being unconsciously whipped around by my own emotions or my own biology. This has led me to an unwavering desire to understand the evolutionary mechanisms and neurochemistry that drive us as humans.

I believe CHOICE is the magic we have as humans. We cannot often choose our circumstances but we can always choose our responses to our circumstances.

I’m clear. The fact that we exist is incredibly improbable. Yet here we are, the sentient owners of bodies built for survival and brains that refuse to accept that's all we are. Pretty Fu**ing epic.

Favorite Authors & Books
Oliver Sacks - The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat
Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged
Matt Ridley - Nature Via Nurture
EO Wilson - Consilience
Tom Robbins - Skinny Legs And All

Current Favorite Quote

“Suffering is humbling. It pays to know how to get your butt kicked.” – Christopher McDougall from Born to Run


Photographer, runner, hugger guy. A linguistics and philosophy enthusiast, Intermittent faster, Intermittent keto. COMT AA.

I grew up in Murphy's, CA in the foothills of the Western Sierras before finding myself in Santa Barbara two weeks after graduating high school.

During a gap-year or two (or three) between attempting the prescribed educational path via SBCC and UCSB, I backpacked through Western Europe, then studied Spanish and Language in Chile thanks to the EAP program at UCSB.

After spending more time and money than any rational person should to realize that the purpose of learning has nothing do with a degree, I made the conscious decision to see and experience the rest of this life as a photographer (among other things).

My latest obsessions include concepts of identity, decentralization, macroeconomics, crypto, NFTs, entrepreneurship, self-optimization...I'm also what Andrew Huberman would describe as a novelty seeker.

Current Favorite Quote

"We must constantly project the illusion of self because if we don't, we aren't."

- Jed Mckenna

​Current Favorite Books

Homo Deus, Foundation, Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment, How To Change Your Mind

​Current Projects/Efforts

Keto Brainz, Head & Heart Photography, Kiel Rucker Photography


The entry point into ketosis and the lifestyle shifts associated with achieving and maintaining ketosis differ for all of us. What we Keto Brainz ALL share is the journey INTO ketosis, the initial struggles with figuring out how to maintain ketosis, and the “HOLY F*@*!” moment when ketosis first hits and you realize you’ve been in low gear your whole life!

Our own endogenously produced ketones are our absolute FAVORITE nootropic. BUT! That’s not stopped us from creating an additional Nootropic stack to further enhance clarity of thought, speed of neurotransmission, and physical performance.

At Keto Brainz we’re passionate about personal evolution. We believe that LIFE IS the ride of a lifetime. We know time to be a finite resource and we feel this at a core level. There is SO much to learn and explore. We need brains and bodies that are clear and ready to take on all of the things!

Keto Brainz Nootropic creamer was born of THIS.

Who we are: We are an insanely curious and intellectually driven brother sister duo. We are self driven, self creating, autodidactic geeks with a sometimes penchant for the beautiful self torture of endurance sport.

Who we are not: We are not scientists, we are not doctors, we are not researchers, we are not experts.

We are though rather expert at gathering and filtering data and resources on topics we find meaningful. And, if you’ve ever met us, you know we can’t keep our damn mouths shut when we’re excited about something we’ve learned.

We believe in living YOUR best life and we understand that that looks different for everyone. We understand that living your best life is difficult, but also THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing a human can aim for.

Our products aim to be staples in the lives of people who are ever looking to improve their lives and optimize their minds.