Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer

No Jitters. No Crash. All Focus. 

We’re honored that Louisa is a fan of Keto Brainz!
We’re huge fans of what she’s building in the space of elite performance!

The Neuro Experience is a podcast hosted by Louisa Nicola
who explores the nexus of neuroscience, athleticism, and peak performance.

Louisa Nicola is a The Neuro Experience Podcast Louisa Nicola on Instagram The Neuro Experience (website) Neurophysiologist and human performance coach, and the founder and head performance advisor of Neuro Athletics - a consulting firm that boasts the best athletes in the world. By using science driven data from EEG scans, labs tests and cognitive assessments, Louisa has a first class ticket inside the brain of elite NBA and MLB stars. Louisa graduated from the University of Sydney medical school with a master of medicine in neurophysiology and is currently completing her doctorate under the guidance of Dr Tommy Wood at UW, studying the effects of resistance exercise on the brain.

What IS Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer?

Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer is the perfectly formulated nootropic stack to bring you focus on demand. It contains efficacious doses of focus inducing AlphaGPC, BDNF producing Lion’s Mane Mushroom & Alpha Wave promoting L-Theanine.

What Will I Feel?
You very well might feel like an Elon Musk/Wolverine/Unicorn hybrid! For reals though, Keto Brainz is a carefully crafted blend of nootropics designed to tickle your neurotransmitters in just the right way. All focus and flow. No jitters, no crash.


500mg Lion's Mane Mushroom

Research has shown that Lion’s Mane can help tremendously with brain health. In one study, patients with anxiety and depression were given 2 grams of Lion's Mane mushroom per day.  The study concluded that Lion’s Mane has the possibility to increase feelings of well-being and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. 

300mg Alpha GPC

AlphaGPC is regarded as one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world. This is because of its innate ability to activate mental acuity and muscle fibers (as well as contract them). It’s popular for its focus and cognition enhancing benefits, but it’s also a not-so-secret weapon used by athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.

250mg L-Theanine

L-Theanine is a lovely little molecule with whom we fell in love upon first ingestion. It's like a warm calming hug or sigh of relief for the brain! It’s been shown to cause a significant increase in Alpha Brain waves which are responsible for an increased state of alertness while simultaneously relaxing the mind WITHOUT drowsiness.

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Still Curious?
Check out our FAQs!

Do I have to be Keto?


No, you do NOT have to be "Keto" or in ketosis or following a ketogenic diet/protocol to benefit from our carefully crafted nootropic stack.

BUT, we've actually come to consider ketones to be a nootropic in their own right given the turbo-boosted brain power we feel when we're in a good deep ketosis. So you don't need to be Keto to benefit, but you might just benefit a little bit more if you are. That's all :)

Keto Brainz is a powerful and effective nootropic for all. The C8 MCT base will though help your liver produce ketone bodies in the morning after a night of sleep whether or not you are in ketosis or following a ketogenic protocol.

Will Keto Brainz break my fast?

This is always a fun question! 

From a strictly purist water fasting perspective, the answer would be yes, as ANY caloric intake would break a fast.

We always look at this question though from a “what are you optimizing for?” perspective.

The state of ketosis has been shown to act bio-chemically as a fasting mimetic (reduced inflammation, increased autophagy, suppression of mTOR & up-regulation of AMPK). 

Personally, we're optimizing for longevity & hyper-functionality with ketosis, IMF & exercise.

Our creamer, due to the heavy C8 MCT base, increases ketone production and is right around 100 calories per dose. We use it every morning and do not consider it a fast breaker.

I suppose that makes our fasting modality more like a “fasting mimicking” or “modified fasting” approach. We get all of the bio-chemical benefits of fasting & ketosis without doing a pure dry or water fast. 

So! The answer to that is really going to depend upon what “fasting ideology” you are choosing to follow. Here’s a great blog post from Dom D’Agostino on a 72hr modified fast he did using Keto Brainz.

Can I take more than one serving of Keto Brainz per day?

You absolutely can! 

We routinely use 2 to 3 servings per day. 

Each of us starts out at a different place in our base acetylcholine levels. Due to this, you will need to do a little self experimentation. 

Some people feel it so powerfully, that they start with 1/2 a scoop a day. Others feel it just right, and start with one scoop a day and quickly move to leveraging it 3 times a day!

You'll want to play the "Goldilocks" locks game until you land on just the right daily dosing for you!

Does keto brainz contain common allergens?

Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer contains Coconut. 

It does NOT contain Gluten or Soy. 

Keto Brainz does contain a very small percentage of casein as a part of the C8 MCT substrate

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