Meet Cody Bidlow, Founder of ATHLETE X &!

Meet Cody Bidlow, Founder of ATHLETE X &!

If you’re passionate about sprinting and looking to elevate your game, you should really know about Cody Bidlow. As the founder of Athlete X and, Cody has dedicated his career to helping athletes and coaches master the art of sprinting. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Cody is a game-changer in the world of sprint training.

A Journey Rooted in Passion and Experience

Cody’s journey into the world of sprinting began over 15 years ago. As a competitive track and field sprinter and coach, he has worked with a diverse range of athletes—from young hopefuls to professional sprinters, and NFL and MLB players. His personal experience as an athlete, having had to pave his own path without access to top-notch coaching, sparked his passion for researching and developing the best sprint training and strength training methods. There are few out there willing to dive deep into understanding the art of sprinting like Cody.

After excelling in high school sports, Cody competed at Santa Barbara City College before transferring to Grand Canyon University (GCU). At GCU, he not only ran track as a Division 1 NCAA sprinter but also achieved notable successes, including being part of the WAC Championship 4x100m team and earning a bronze medal in the 2014 Outdoor WAC Championships 100-meter dash.

Coaching Excellence and Influential Mentorship

Cody’s dedication to sprinting didn’t stop after his competitive years. He transitioned into coaching, taking on the role of First Assistant Coach at Santa Barbara City College, where he managed the training of sprinters, jumpers, and throwers, and served as the strength and conditioning coach. His journey continued with an internship at ALTIS, where he worked alongside elite athletes like Andre Degrasse and Ameer Webb.

Today, Cody is the still out there training, competing, coaching, and putting valuable information out for athletes. He also consults for coaches around the world, sharing his vast knowledge and experience.

Cody’s Experience With Keto Brainz

Cody incorporates Keto Brainz into his morning coffee routine to enhance his work and athletic performance. By using Keto Brainz, he experiences a jitter-free coffee that provides better mental clarity, more lasting energy, and improved focus. This combination helps him stay fasted longer throughout the day, compared to using coffee and half-and-half alone. These benefits make Cody more effective at his job and assist him in maintaining an appropriate body weight for sprinting.

Engaging Content and Educational Resources

Cody’s influence extends beyond the track. He creates valuable content for athletes and coaches through his website, the ATHLETE.X YouTube channel, and Instagram profile. With over 50,000 followers and millions of views on his videos, Cody’s educational resources are a treasure trove of sprint training insights.

Whether you’re looking for sprint training articles, instructional videos, or inspirational posts, Cody’s platforms provide a wealth of information to help you sprint faster and coach better. You can check out his socials here:

Tailored Coaching Services

Cody offers a range of services designed to meet the unique needs of sprinters and coaches. From coaching consultations and sprinting technique analysis to in-person speed training and customized training programs, Cody’s expertise can help you achieve your sprinting goals. His services include:

  • Coaching Consultations
  • Sprinting Technique Analysis
  • In-Person Speed Training
  • Online Training
  • Training Programs

Recognized Credentials

Cody’s expertise is backed by solid academic and professional credentials:

  • B.S. in Sports Management
  • Certified in Strength & Conditioning through the USTFCCCA
  • Certified Track & Field Coach & Accredited Interscholastic Coach through the NFHS

Cody Bidlow is a powerhouse in the sprint training community, combining personal experience, coaching excellence, and a passion for helping others succeed. Whether you’re an athlete aiming to improve your speed or a coach seeking to enhance your training methods, Cody’s resources and services are invaluable.

For more information and to start your journey to better sprinting, visit and follow ATHLETE.X on YouTube and Instagram. Here’s to faster sprints and reaching new heights with Cody Bidlow!

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