Keto Brainz Nootropics - FAQs

Keto Brainz Nootropics - FAQs

Q: Can I take more than one serving of Keto Brainz a day?

A: You absolutelyĀ can! We routinely use 2 to 3 servings per day. Each of us starts out at a different place in our base acetylcholine levels. Due to this, you will need to do a little self experimentation. If you move up to 3 doses a day, and you feel great, perfect - continue with the higher dosing. IF you feel great, but find your brain wants to stay awake later into the evening than you'd like it to, then lower your number of servings.


Q: Will Keto Brainz break my fast?

A:Ā This is always a fun question! From a strictly purist water fasting perspective, the answer would be yes,Ā as ANY caloric intake would break a fast.

We always look at this question though from a ā€œwhat are you optimizing for?ā€ perspective.

The state of ketosis has been shown to act bio-chemically as a fasting mimetic (reduced inflammation, increased autophagy, suppression of mTOR & up-regulation of AMPK). Personally, optimizing for longevity & hyper-functionality with ketosis, IMF & exercise.

Our creamer, due to the heavy C8 MCT base, increases ketone production and is right around 100 calories per dose. We use it every morning and do not consider it a fast breaker. I suppose that makes our fasting modality more like a ā€œfasting mimickingā€ or ā€œmodified fastingā€ approach.

We get all of the bio-chemical benefits of fasting & ketosis without doing a pure dry or water fast. So! The answer to that is really going to depend upon what ā€œfasting ideologyā€ you are choosing to follow.

Hereā€™s a great blog post from Dom Dā€™Agostino on a 72hr modified fast he did using Keto Brainz.

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Q: If I donā€™t drink coffee can I still use Keto Brainz?

A: Absolutely! Many of our Keto Brainz fans add Keto Brainz to Matcha, brewed green & black tea, raw cacao hot chocolate, protein powder and even chaffles! We also have a group of people who simply eat it by the's delicious!


Q: Do I have to be in ketosis or following a ketogenic diet to enjoy the benefits of Keto Brainz?

A: You do not! Keto Brainz is a powerful and effectiveĀ nootropic for all. The C8 MCT base will though help your liver produce ketone bodies in the morning after a night of sleep whether or not you are in ketosis or following a ketogenic protocol.


Q: Do you offer wholesale accounts for Keto Brainz?

A: We do! Click here for our wholesale application:Ā 


Q: Does Keto Brainz offer an affiliate program?

A: We do!Ā Please send an email to with your social media handles, website, blog and anything else you want us to be aware of while considering you for an affiliate relationship :)


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