Will Keto Brainz Break My Fast?

Will Keto Brainz Break My Fast?

Fasting & Intermittent Fasting - Will Keto Brainz Break My Fast?

We get this question A LOT.

And it’s always a fu
n question to answer!

From a strictly purist water fasting perspective, the answer would be yes, as ANY caloric intake would break a fast.
We always look at this question though from a, “what are you optimizing for?” perspective.

The state of ketosis has been shown to act bio-chemically as a fasting mimetic (reduced inflammation, increased autophagy, suppression of mTOR & up-regulation of AMPK).

Personally, we’re optimizing for longevity and hyper-functionality with ketosis, IMF & exercise.

Our creamer, due to the heavy C8 MCT base, increases ketone production and is right around 100 calories per dose. We use it every morning and do not consider it a fast breaker. I suppose that makes our fasting modality more like a “fasting mimicking” or “modified fasting” approach.

We get most of the bio-chemical benefits of fasting & ketosis without doing a pure dry or water fast.

So! The answer to that is really going to depend upon what “fasting ideology” you are choosing to follow.

There’s a great blog post from Dom D’Agostino on a 72hr modified fast he did using Keto Brainz & Audacious Nutrition’s KETOSTART

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