Ketone Esters - Rocket Fuel For The Brain?

Ketone Esters - Rocket Fuel For The Brain?

We're fans of ALL the ketones: endogenously produced ketones, ketone salts and ketone esters. We feel they have their place and all are excellent tools we choose to leverage for different reasons.

There's no product that will put you into the physiologic state of ketosis, and there's nothing quite like shifting into a full ketogenic and fat adapted state, but we still find great application for ketogenic foods like C8 MCT, ketones salts AND ketone esters.

We get our daily doses of C8 MCT from our Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer and we often use ketone salts as well. They bump ketones 1.5 - 2mml and we find them to be excellent as a part of a pre or post-workout protocol. With the well-formulated Audacious Nutrition KetoStart ketone salts we experience zero gastrointestinal issues and they bring about a very nice increase in both brain and body energy.

Ketone esters on the other hand, feel like bringing in the "big guns." We find we we get a rapid increase in ketones in the 3.5 - 4 ml range. These hit hard and fast and offer a very predictable state of hyper focus and full body energy.

We love them both, and use them differently depending on what we're optimizing for in a given day.

In the realm of ketone esters, we've tried many and will continue to do so. Today we're diving into the KetoneAid ketone esters.

KetoneAid KE1 is composed of 100% All Natural Ketones and 100% Bioavailable D-BHB.

Caffeine Free, Zero Carbs.

This formula is "pleasant" and each bottle contains 5.5g of KetoneAid's BioBHB(tm) Ketones, similar to 10ml of KE4. It's easily diluted as well.

And while sport is often the main focus in ketone ester discussions, many are buying ketone esters for their brains. Whether it's the CEO trying to increase productivity by skipping lunch and remaining mentally sharp for the second half of the day, or the college student using them instead of Ritalin, ketone esters absolutely hold their own in the nootropic space as well.

Each bottle contains 2 servings.

This is the break down per BOTTLE (not per serving):

  • 50% D-Ketone Ester (3g) 
  • 25% D-BHB Ketone Free Acid / Salt (2.5g)
    • Sodium 179mg 
    • Potassium 50mg 
    • Magnesium 30mg 
    • Calcium 20mg
    • (note this is 85% less total salt versus most ketone salts)

Other ingredients: monk fruit, natural flavors, potassium sorbate. 

For those of you who have tried the various commercially available ketone esters, you're familiar with (and will likely never forget!) the strong and district taste of ketone esters. KetoneAid though, has done an excellent job in masking the "jet fuel" flavor in these shots.

We like to take a half bottle poured over ice and mixed with a Zevia or LaCroix. It's the perfect brain fuel cocktail when we're seeking a next level state of focus. 

Here's a great video on ketone esters and the brain from the folks at KetoneAid:

Ketone Ester and the human brain. How it works. Clinical trials reviewed.

Whether you're looking for increased performance, recovery or focus + mental clarity, we highly recommend playing around with the various tools available for modifying your ketone levels. 

We personally love experimenting towards the end of adding ever-more tools to our high performance tool boxes!

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