Tracking ketosis with the Biosense breath monitor!

Tracking ketosis with the Biosense breath monitor!

It’s no secret that here at Keto Brainz we're mildly obsessed with tracking personal metrics. It’s one thing to think you’re sleeping well, recovering well and eating the “right” diet.

It’s another thing entirely to be able to carefully dial in your HRV, RHR, supplementation, diet and type of physical activity based on actual data. We used a blood testing device to test our ketones for years (we still do on occasion!), but we're now implementing a new breath ketone reading device called Biosense. 

Biosense is the only clinically validated, non-invasive, highly accurate breath ketone tracker. Biosense can help you visualize the depth and duration of your ketogenic state. Similar to glucose, ketone levels are highly variable throughout the day, requiring multiple daily measurements to obtain an accurate picture of a person's metabolic state.

The clinically validated Biosense Fat Burn (ketone) Monitor provides you with a full picture of how fat burn levels change throughout the day based on diet, activity, and fasting. Whether your goal is Weight Loss, Metabolic Flexibility, Anti-Inflammation, or health-span you gain insights into how you're using fat as a fuel  to achieve your health goals permanently.


Closes biofeedback loop to help you optimize fat burn and improve metabolic health.



- Ketone Dose to summarize how long and deeply you’ve been in ketosis on any given day

- ACEs to see your real-time metabolic response to sleep, diet, fasting, and exercise

- Fasting Clock to monitor increasing ketosis levels to optimize fast

- Curated metabolic content to help you understand your body’s fat burn signals and take action

- Data tracking to visualize your progress over time



- Clinically validated accuracy:

- No finger pricks

- Unlimited measurements



- Medical grade / clinical trial backed

- Highly specific fat burn levels and insights

- Full day picture of ketosis levels

- Precision fasting clock



Clinical grade accuracy:  the unique (patented) deep lung sampling process provides accurate and reproducible measurements (ACEs) by correcting for natural variations in exhalation time and lung capacity across individuals.



ACEs proprietary Ketone Measurement -



The Daily Ketone Dose answers how long and deeply you’ve been in ketosis, on any given day, estimated from your ACEs.


The new technology behind Biosense helps you achieve your wellness goals by providing all day feedback, whether your goal is weight management, longevity, or peak athletic performance.

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