Spermidine, Autophagy & Aging

Spermidine, Autophagy & Aging

Back before I dove down the keto rabbit hole, I made it habit to eat natto daily. I ordered it by the case and ate it once or twice a day.

Why? I opted to add natto to my daily routine and commit to getting comfortable with its very pungent flavor, because it was the BEST source of Vitamin K-2, Nattokinase, Spermidine, Putricine and Cadaverine. 

I may well add this back into my diet soon, but for now I’m getting my Spermidine from Verso’s CLEAN BEING.

WHAT is Spermidine and why do we want it?

Spermidine is part of a family of compounds called polyamines.

Polyamines play a key role in the aging process and may even help in the prevention of age-related diseases such as cancer. These polyamines interact with negatively charged molecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins. They're crucial for your body because they play a major role in cell growth, survival, and proliferation. 

Changes in polyamine levels are closely associated with the process of aging and disease. Robust polyamine function is associated with an increase in lifespan in model organisms.

Studies have also found positive effects of polyamines on stress resistance. High levels of polyamines have been found to decrease age-related oxidative stress markers. 

From the study: Spermidine delays aging in humans

“External supply of the natural polyamine spermidine can extend life span in model organisms including yeast, nematodes, flies and mice. Recent epidemiological evidence suggests that increased uptake of spermidine with food also reduces overall, cardiovascular and cancer-related mortality in humans. Here, we discuss the possible mechanisms of this intriguing spermidine effect.”

Spermidine counteracts aging and promotes longevity by inducing autophagy to facilitate cell rejuvenation.

Autophagy is a system that breaks down waste inside cells and recycles cellular components. It is an important quality control mechanism for the mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. Autophagy allows damaged or defective mitochondria to be broken down and disposed of. The disposal of mitochondria is more tightly controlled than was before believed.

To re-cap the benefits of Spermidine:

  • Increases Autophagy
  • Increases genomic stability
  • Increases Cell renewal 
  • Delays Aging
  • May Prevent Certain Types of Cancers
  • Protection from Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Delays Neurodegeneration

Spermidine is indeed much more than a funny name!

There's MUCH more to the story of polyamines and Spermidine. Hopefully the above appetizer has sufficiently peaked your curiosity!

If you're in for a more comprehensive deep dive, this article from Jay Campbell is fantastic! Spermidine: Benefits, Foods, Supplements & Side Effects

And if you're ready to add Spermidine into your own longevity-forward self optimizing protocol, be sure to check out Clean Being by VERSO.

Clean Being is formulated with evidence-based ingredients to promote natural clean up processes like autophagy and apoptosis to support healthy aging, and help prevent chronic inflammation and the development of diseases.

Powered by Spermidine, Luteolin and Dihydroquercetin. This is a powerful blend of senolytic molecules that help promote natural clean up processes like autophagy and apoptosis. 

Per 2 capsules:

Spermidine - 6mg

Luteolin - 250mg

Dihydroquercetin - 50mg

Verso's Clean Being is the newest edition to our daily stack and we're loving it! If you too are ready to add it to your daily stack, visit our site to take advantage of our current discounts!

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