Introducing HVMN Ketone-IQ!

Thanks to modern science, there’s a new way to fuel: drinkable ketones.

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of elevated ketones instantly. Ketones are nature’s superfuel. Our bodies create them when we’re pushed to our metabolic limits, through long fasts or carb-restricted (keto) diets.

But modern diets & sedentary lifestyles keep us from having elevated ketone levels or experiencing the health & performance benefits that come with it. Until now, that is.

Try Ketone-IQ™ as an alternative to your preferred energy source. Or, enjoy them together for an extra boost. We LOVE Ketone-IQ when we need an immediate and reliable boost in focus and energy.

Get Ketone-IQ Shots!

Take your ketones on the go!

Ketone-IQ™️ Shots are the perfect portable drink for a boost of clean energy and focus. Whether you’re headed to the airport, gym, or office, these Shots will keep you fueling your best.

Conveniently designed for one-time use, TSA-friendly, it fits perfectly in your carry-on. Each bottle is 2 oz with 10g ketones.

Get Ketone-IQ here and save 20% with code KETOBRAINZ at checkout!


Get Ketone-IQ!

Get your fuel from ketones.

Ketones are nature’s superfuel, proven to support energy, focus, endurance, and more. Developed alongside the U.S. military and top universities, Ketone-IQ™ delivers all those benefits in one drink. No caffeine, no sugar—just clean, on-demand energy for superior physical and cognitive performance.

• 10 g of ketones per serving
• 10x servings per bottle
• Bottle size is 12 fl oz (335 ml)
• Measuring cup included

Get Ketone-IQ here and save 20% with code KETOBRAINZ at checkout!